To be a global leader in providing an accessible, outstanding, an all-inclusive education that reflects the principles and teachings of Islam.


Doha Academy schools offer boys and girls an education for life. We believe that schools should be happy, purposeful communities where children are encouraged to achieve their best spiritually, morally, socially, intellectually and physically.


The objectives we are committed to:

  • Providing a broadly-based curriculum that is designed to motivate, challenge, encourage and inspire students and enable them to achieve their potential and make the most of their time at Doha Academy and beyond.
  • Adopting teaching and learning methodologies that promote the best habits of independent thought, study and research in our students through the creation of an enjoyable, lively and creative process of education.
  • Integrating information and communication technology in the education process.
  • Enhancing the partnership between students, staff, parents and the wider community.
  • Developing the spiritual, moral and well-being of our students to become global citizens.


Doha Academy aims to provide its students with ‘an education for life’ to that extent the Academy aims to develop the ‘whole child’ in conjunction with academic knowledge. Below you will find a list of key values and traits which we endeavour to instil in our students:

  • Independent thinking and study skills
  • Respectful, caring and responsible attitude.
  • Spirituality: well-grounded in the practices and teaching of Islam: engendering Islamic values and principles.
  • Positive and reflective outlook (a ‘can do’ attitude with a willingness to learn from mistakes)
  • Motivated and enquiring learners who look beyond the here and now, want to learn more and have a genuine interest in life-long learning.
  • Team player: a willingness to participate and make a collaborative effort to achieve a common goal.