When children feel happy, secure and safe, they succeed.

                                                  -Humza Alakku (Deputy Head)-

We aim to provide a strong sense of wellbeing, belonging and security and assist each child to achieve their full potential, physically, socially, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.

At Doha Academy the pastoral care of children is central to the work that we do. We believe that positive relationships are vital to the happiness, security and personal development of each child and this belief is rooted in a deep respect for the dignity of the human person.

We are proud of our close-knit community and the personal rapport that is shared among children, teachers and parents. Members of staff and the wider school community warmly welcome new families into our school.

Children at Doha Academy are valued according to their individual differences and children are encouraged to work in partnership with the teaching team to care for their peers. Specific-themed assemblies during the school year are aimed at ensuring that children feel secure, valued and develop a sense of pride in their faith. This includes whole-school assemblies on friendship, leadership and anti-bullying, which enable children to know who to talk to should they have any concerns or require additional support. During in-class and whole-school assemblies, children’s individual and collective academic, sporting and behavioural achievements are celebrated.

Pastoral care is embedded throughout the curriculum and children learn about friendships, health and wellbeing, rights and responsibilities and the roles of individuals in a community. The school’s pastoral care system is robustly supported by the school’s code of conduct and behaviour policy – which together with assemblies, PSHE lessons and the break for prayer provide an opportunity for children to be happy, purposeful members of their community.

As a first point of contact, the class teacher will listen to and monitor any concerns either academic or pastoral. Any individual issues will be investigated fairly and thoroughly, and at all times parents will be kept informed as situations are carefully monitored and resolved.