At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          -Jane Dee Hull-

Our Parent Teacher Association (PTA) plays a vital role in the well-being of our students. It aims to provide the parent community with an opportunity to help the school in supporting its vision, mission, and values.

The PTA strives to work with the school in developing and nurturing a rich environment for the students. They aim to do this by ensuring that there is a clear line of communication between the parent community and the school, and by encouraging parents to get involved in their children’s education through supporting the educational goals of Doha Academy.

Currently, the PTA has been involved in setting up various committees which help in the improvement of the school. These are committees for the correct implementation of the mission, vision and values, event, and enrichment activities. The PTA also constantly updates the school with findings of questionnaires and research, conducted by them for the wider parent community.

The key positions in the PTA are held by parent volunteers who devote their time and effort.

PTA Structure


I volunteered to be the PTA secretary because of my long standing relationship with Doha Academy. Our parent community is very active and we work together with the school to support its objectives and aims. The school is very welcoming of our presence, as they listen to our suggestions and share their future plans with us.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       -Dr. Muna Gasim (PTA Secretary)-