You are welcome to fill our application via two channels: in person and/or online.

We prefer online applications as it allows us to review your file immediately and gives us a head start on the application process. However, we do understand that not everyone is comfortable with an electronic application. In these case, we will welcome a paper application delivered in person.

In order to have an application considered, we require the following documents:

  • A copy of a valid Qatar Residency Permit and passport for all non-Qatari students (sight of the original)
  • A copy of valid Qatar Residency Permits and passports for all non-Qatari parents/guardians (sight of the original)
  • A copy of a valid Qatar ID for all Qatari students
  • A copy of a valid Qatar ID for all Qatari parents/guardians
  • School reports for the last two academic years
  • Recommendation letter from the previous school including attendance and behavior information
  • Letter from the previous school stating the previous year group
  • Employment letter from parent’s workplace (addressed To Whom It May Concern)
  • 2 student photographs
  • A copy of the birth certificate of the student (sight of the original)
  • A copy of the vaccination certificate
  • Medical file: Years 1-13 (Government Health Centre/Clinic)

Please Note:

All non-Qatari children must be in possession of a valid Qatar Residency Permit before starting school in Qatar.

  • The placement of a student in an appropriate year group for their age is the joint responsibility of the receiving school and the parent. In exceptional cases, when the child is placed in a year group, which does not match his / her age, parents must undertake to sign an agreement with the school.
  • Parents seeking a place for a child who has not previously been educated in a British curriculum school should refer to the Ministry equivalency chart to understand the appropriate year group for their son / daughter.
  • An end of year report card must be submitted by parents to finalise the registration of their child and thereafter to enter student data on the official MoE & HE registers via their official portal.
  • Parents must confirm that their child has ‘passed’ the last school year group on the MoE & HE system in order to be promoted to the next year group. In the event that a parent cannot confirm this, and at a later date a ‘fail’ status is evident, the school reserves the right to demote the child to the appropriate year group.